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Hi I am Damiano, and I want to share my experience since I got a lot from the web and I want to return the help I was given. I love programming in typescript, html and especially in dotnet that with the core version is really cross platform.


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March 23, 2020Docker / Raspberry PII was looking for some time to easily manage the binding of multiple web application hosted in my docker host machine. I have found a good candidate in Nginx Proxy Manager from Jamie Curnow https://jc21.com To best fit the installation, I rearranged the default setup for a fastest deploy in my environment based on PhotonOS Continue Reading… Reverse Proxy Manager on Raspberry PiContinue Reading… [...]
October 5, 2019Dotnet coreSince the first dotnet core cross platform release, it was a dream that became reality for me to merge the good of multiple worlds. Many times I need to host a little service to do simple data transfer, and what I prefer is to put it in a small linux dockerized server. Recently one of Continue Reading… Dotnet core 3.0 NativeLibraryContinue Reading… [...]
September 19, 2019Tip of the dayAs every software programmer I want to reuse my code in many projects.This time a faced the problem to create a API controller on an external library and reference it on my asp.net core project. There is not a particular template so I used the normal classlib by typing After that explore your csproj file Continue Reading… How to setup an asp.net core 3.0 library projectContinue Reading… [...]
August 22, 2019Docker / Dotnet core / PostgreSQL / Raspberry PIHi again, after several posts finally we reach the happy end by deploying a dotnet core 3 application to a docker container, running in an arm64 architecture. [...]
August 16, 2019Dotnet core / Entity Framework Core / PostgreSQLFollowing my posts on how to build a docker host with a Raspberry Pi and deploy a PostgreSQL container on Raspberry Pi, now I want to show you how you could use the new Entity Framework Core 3 library based on the last dotnet core 3 that is ready for production from preview 7. [...]